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Assisting IT Leaders to successfully implement technology changes on time, on budget, and with less chaos and stress on company resources.

Are you frustrated or struggling during technology changes in your business?

When it comes to technology changes in organizations, most business owners and IT leaders...

  •   Don't have time to implement the change effectively
  •   Don't fully understand how to manage a major technology transformation
  •   Feel overwhelmed by trying to manage a significant technology change while still maintaining day-to-day roles
  •   Have all the skills needed to maintain IT infrastructure, but were never trained to implement technology changes
  •   Have tried and failed or stalled technology change projects and receiving backlash from your bosses
  •   Struggle because technology is typically only 60% effective due to low user adoption

Imagine if your technology change projects could:

Have a clear plan and timeline that eases stakeholder concerns.

Have smooth and worry-free transitions. 

Have clear communication that informs everyone on current changes, when they're occurring, and why they're essential.

Have the highest user adoption your company has ever seen in new technology implementation. 

When you work with us, you can expect 

that your project will...

Save Time and Money

We will save your time and money, by empowering your employees with the tools and knowledge they need to transition effortlessly. 

Ensure Intended Impact

Ensure the intended impact and counter "change fatigue" by developing training and communication strategies.

Increase Efficiency

Have clearly definable and attainable steps so that change can be clearly communicated and executed.

Higher Adoption Rate

Have a higher user adoption rate so that the tools intended to increase productivity actually work.

Our proven process is simple and effective:


The Inception

  • We start with an in-depth assessment that identifies the contributing factors to your technology change challenges. Then we seek to understand the obstacles creating these problems and interview a cross-section of stakeholders to ensure alignment.   
  • So That... you have a clear picture of exactly what needs to be planned for and communicated, to ensure everyone has a common understanding of the scope, and that stakeholders are engaged.

The Blueprint

  • Next we develop a clear plan with detailed executables & deliverables    
  • So That... managing change doesn’t remain a soft skill that you can’t measure, we can facilitate conversations that lead to better outcomes, and you have a clear road map of what needs to be done. 

The Action

  • We then take the blueprint and execute on your behalf    
  • So That... you can focus on your main job, your project finishes on-time and on-budget, and your people are supported.
  • We can provide coaching or in-depth oversight.
  • So That... you can utilize your in-house resources but still manage change well and reach your desired results.

It Really Works!

Often, small organizations can't afford a full-time change manager. 

Larger organizations can afford one, but it is rare to find one person with all skills needed to manage technology changes effectively. 

This is why we created Plus Delta. 

With our team's combined skills, we make an effective & efficient addition to your team. 

We augment your team with the following skills: 

Executive Alignment    


Decision Making    


Communications - Writing / Designing    

Mediating / Conflict Resolution    

Project Management    

Event Management / Coordination    


and more...

Don't believe us? Hear from our past clients!

Martin Meyers


We had great ideas, but we needed someone to help clarify our thinking. Plus Delta 314 really helped with that,  essentially gave us that clarity we needed to become effective and efficient, and made everything that we were really doing better. Working with Plus Delta 314 has been the catalyst to get us moving in the right direction with the product, getting it to a point where we can start to see some results.

Ted Sanders


What Plus Delta 314 provides is a deep understanding of what is going on from a psychology standpoint. I have seen the different stages of an implementation over my career but never thought through those stages. They helped me determine the best way to communicate to people going through these stages. They are able to help understand where I was at and how to move to that next level of success. I thought of all of the reasons of why not instead of the reason of how I could. I sat back and waited for others to do rather than taking the lead. Instead of I can’t, I will. They helped uncover a confidence that I have been lacking. 

Nick Spalitta 

Paritta Group

Plus Delta 314's Founder can be placed in the middle of any team and instantly add value. They are quick to organize people around the right things and asks the hard questions the right way at the right times. I'd recommend them to help you lead any program or project that you consider to be critical to your success. 

Schedule 30 minutes today for a free quick assessment of your upcoming or current tech change project.

On this call, we will uncover your potential project breakpoints and find out how our process can help you overcome these challenges in less time.